Monday, September 10, 2007

X-Days Zurich, Dec 26th-Jan 1st

Zurich are having their 2nd X-Days event this Christmas and New Years. No Irish made it last year, but by all accounts it was a sick week. James Tait will attest to that, and we all know he knows a good party when he sees one.

Just getting to see part of a proper 6-day event on a 50 degree banked indoor velodrome is good enough, but to have the chance to ride it, and race in front of the massive crowd that gathers there is another altogether.

Add to that, alleycats, lake-jumping, fondue, massages, karaoke etc and you are guaranteed a great time. These guys know how to organise a great event. Food will be cheap, beer will be cheap.

Check the website here for registration info and some scoop from last years event. Aer Lingus and Swiss air fly direct and flights are going for between €200 and €250 at the minute. Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself, you've had a hard year, you've really earned it :)

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09dotC said...

really wanted to go to this last year but ya know...
So this year is the plan. Swissair charge €50 for the bike each way so watch out for that.Aerlingus fly here as well.