Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stick it up yer Goother! (alleycat)

From Liam:
Hi everyone . If you havent heard, theres gonna be a fundraiser alleycat on the second last friday of this month !
I know theres a treasure hunt the next day, but people are legging off to holland the weekend after and we need as much support as poss because this is to raise a few lids to help lucas out while he's damaged .
There will also be an auction of sorts.
Basically, give me anything you can thats of some worth, or can be bought by other couriers. eg funky t-shirts you dont use anymore- stem/bars - your bodies, fukin anything.
All cash will go to lucas.
Still working on a venue for after, but kick-ass party will be organised for sure.

Its gonna be a fast , not to much thinking, point to point race with fun check-points so please let anyone on the road know if you speak to them.
Oh and there'll be a few modest but nice prizes for the winner !

Anyone not racing please let me know if you can do a checkpoint.

Cheers xxx leemobai

So, the details are: Fri 21st September, 6.30pm, Grand Canal Square.
I'll post up more info as it gets to me.

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