Friday, December 18, 2009

Dublin Cycling Xmas Party Goldsprints

Here be the results:
Stein: 25.61
Flickerx: 38.51
Kerr: 32.61
Ruairi: 32.39
Mark: 26.16
Eoghan: 33.48
Frank: 31.75
36Brian: 29.45
Kevin: 26.30
Matt: 28.05
Lally: 30.20
Brian: 27.47
Shane: 29.78
Jeremy: 28.36
Pete: 24.94
Enda: 27.91
Eoghan: 28.11
Rusty: 44.75
Dot: 44.64
Mary: 34.81
James: 31.55
Austin: 28.36
Jos: 32.39
Frank: 29.87
Cormac: 31.39
Gavin: 30.84
Eoghan: 28.34
John: 31.31
Tom: 29.67
John: 37.63
Ruth: 55.89
John: 37.64
Fergal: 35.13
25Sean: 31.28
Damian: 33.25

Stein: 26.83
Enda: 28.03

Pete: 24.94
Kevin: 26.25

Matt: 29.78
Brian: 28.25

Eoghan: 34.26
Mark: 26.72

Stein: 26.03
Brian: 27.34

Mark: 26.58
Pete: 25.05

Stein: 27.89
Pete: 25.16

Big thanks to everyone who helped; Dotc, Neal, Sideshow, all the dj's and Damo and the DCC crew for putting on a great party. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cycling xmas party, next Thursday

Hardcourt Polo is reborn in Dublin

Resident energiser bunny Kropa has taken the bull by the horns and started organising polo again for all us lazy sods.

We also have a sweet court to play in, it's actually quite incredible, it's smooth, flat, grippy, has corners, all in all perfect, apart from the basketball hoops you can crash in to, but that's a small price to pay.

Games are every Saturday from 1pm.
Court is located in Eamon Ceannt Park, Sundrive Road. It's behind the velodrome, behind the kids playground.

We have mallets etc., but these break so if you can make and bring your own please do. The best materials are aluminium ski poles and abs piping, but whatever you can do that works is fine.
There's a good how-to here from the New York Hardcourt guys.
Also a rough guide to rules.

See you Saturday!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jared Leto must die (and be resurrected as the saviour of cycling)

So i was wondering why people I know were angry with Mr. Leto all over arsebook today. A quick popular search engine search later I was to find out why...

Far be it from me to wax lyrical about the sanctity of cycling, but there is something distinctly sickening about this video. Cycling, and fixed-gear riding in particular, has finally jumped the shark.(actually I take it back, that happened a long time ago).

Combine it with this piece of turgid schmaltz, where pudgy, adolescent boy meets hot, pierced biker chick, who falls madly in love with his boyish charms and inability to fix a fucking flat(you know, that old story), and you leave many us who actually enjoy riding bikes, wanting to quickly find some 14 year-old ebayer who's into vampires, henna tattoos, and fixed-gear bikes, and offload that shit as quickly as possible...

In Fight Club, if I remember correctly, Edward Norton kicks Jared Leto's ass and smashes his prettyboy face in. When asked why, he states that he 'wanted to destroy something beautiful'. Well Mr. Leto has put one of the final nails in the beauty of cycling and is helping it on it's winding, downhill, no-brakes road, off that fucking pier, to destruction.

You know what, I just re-read what I wrote and have completely changed my mind. These videos are great for cycling. Now the pudgy adolescent need not fear the closed circle of fixed-gear aficionados. He will go on that midnight ride on his clunker with his head held high, and hit on girls that he used to think were out of his league. Elliot Smith would not be turning in his grave if this were to pass.

As for emo kids, they no longer have to skulk in corners wearing dark clothes, bemoaning the darkness of life and the expense of hairspray. They can now worry over what they can buy to match their hot pink NJS crankset!(nb. in the real world, all NJS parts must be silver, no colurs allowed, thans Ed!) Watch in wonder as hordes of youths ride brakeless and fearless through your neighbourhood, careening off car windscreens with a carefree attitude (well vampires are immortal so they have nothing to fear from mere mortal car drivers!).

Anything that gets more people who look like freaks cycling bikes they have no idea how to control is a-ok! Can we make Jared Leto official mascot/spokesemo of the IFBMA? Please?