Monday, June 22, 2009

Velocity Blog

So I've started writing a blog to try and promote the company more.
You can find it here:

I'll still update here with more general messenger info and race times etc. but I will be focusing my efforts on the company. Again, if anyone wants to contribute to keeping this blog alive please get in touch.



Global Gutz results

A slow and windy course set our times behind those of previous years, but the main thing is everyone had fun and finished the race safely. Well done to Lizard for organising this years race.

1st: 25Sean: 45.02
2nd: Kropa: 45.10
3rd: Steve: 45.16
4th: Laurence: 45:23
5th: Noel: 46.03
6th: Noels roadie mate: 46.03
7th. Deano. 47.14
8th. Johnny. 49.58
9th. Josh. 52.45
10th. Carrisa. 53.30
11th. Perrine. 54.15
DNF. Brian

Full results will be up on soon.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Global Gutz!!!

Late notice...

Tomorrow's Global Gutz will be taking place at 9pm. The start line is a secret so far...

Meeting at ToneHenge from 6pm. Group ride to the start from 8pm. Race starts 9pm sharp!

Remember this is taking place simultaneously all over the world so we HAVE to start on time.

21km's. A chance to win return flights to Tokyo.

See you there.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

National Bike Week

Starting on Sunday, National Bike Week will comprise of a series of events aimed at encouraging more people around the country to get on their bikes.

There's a Family Day in the Phoenix Park on Sunday, with a 10k group ride around the park, and on Wednesday there is the cycle through the city, which thankfully this year they have had the balls to actually put midweek and in the evening. Places are limited apparently (not sure how they can stop anyone from cycling on the roads that night however!?), so you can sign up here . If it's another exercise in high-vis jacket wearing I'm pretty sure I shall ride off into the sunset and tell them where they can shove their cycle.

This is overall a good thing for the city however so be sure to check out and get involved somehow.