Sunday, March 15, 2009

Workaday Scavenger Hunt

For anyone who hasn't got a manifest yet, there should be some around the Green in the morning, or alternatively you can copy the list below:

You have all day to collect as many of these items as possible. Gather at Wilton Place from 5.30pm to tally scores. Cut-off is 6pm.
Overall prizegiving ceremony will take place in Bernard Shaw from 7.30pm.
Have fun!!!

copy of Metro (5pts.)
copy of Herald AM (5pts.)
Unlimited Magazine (6)
Totally Dublin (6)
GCN (6)
Event Guide (6)
IFI Timetable (6)
Argos Catalogue (10)
Golden Pages(10)
Docket Sheets from 5 courier companies (20)
Rubber Duck (20)
Lump of Coal (10)
Housebrick (20)
Briquette (10)
Carrott (6)
Rose (10)
Shamrock (10)
No Bicycle Sign (50)
'I like to ride' sticker ((10)
Giant Novelty Sunglasses(must be worn) (25)
Tricolour Afro (must be worn) (25)
Leprechaun Suit (100)
Green facepaint(on face) (20)
Traffic cone (50)
Photo of you and cycling police (50)
Photo of you with motorbike police (100)
Photo of you and security (50)
Photo of you in a lift (10)
Roll of toilet paper (10)
Photo of you with receptionist (50)
8 ball (100)
Pizza box (20)
Happy meal toy (25)
Deck of cards (10)
Fresh tattoo (200)
American Visa Application (200)
Driving License application stamped and signed by police(200)
Recipe for sponge cake (10)
Spare spoke (10)
Photo of you cycling an eco cab (50)
Photo of you cycling in Custom House Plaza (100)
Photo of you with security guard in Wilson House Fenian Street (100)
Photo of you with Horse and boy at Percy Place (200)
6 pack of booze (0)
Photo of you demonstrating with crazy people at Leinster house(bonus holding placard) (100)
Guinness beermat (10)
Whiskey tasting certificate from Jameson Distillery (200)
Photo of you in sky bar at Guinness Storehouse (200)
A bra (100)
A famous persons autograph (depends on how famous in OUR perception)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Final Timetable

(click image for larger resolution)

Saturday we meet at 3pm in Phoenix Park...
See you later!!!!

Entry for the weekend is €10 and that'll get you a t-shirt too... can't say fairer than that...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Dublins transport video


Thanks to Niamh for pointing this out.