Friday, May 23, 2008

Structured Quality Training

Ciao. The track people are starting the serious business of training and will be providing regular specific training evenings eg. sprints, endurance etc. They have a guest trainer coming soon and it certainly looks worth checking out.

From the horses' mouth:

We will running SQTs on the variuos aspects of track racing, using local exponents of the various events but Terry Cromer has secured the services of Dave LeGrys for a Sprint specific SQT on June 21st.
Dave LeGrys is a former Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist and 18 times World Masters Track Champion at Sprint, Team Sprint and currently is the 500M TT Champion. He is also a Level 4 ABCC Coach.
There will be a cost of €10 for senior and €5 for this session to allay some of the costs involved in flying him over etc. Those involved in Track Racing will vouch for the pedigree of his expertese and this session is a must for anyone interested in progressing their skills to the next level. We would hope that riders would reqister and pay in advance as numbers that can be catered for will be limited. You can contact Terry at his above e-mail address or phone or text him at 087-2056740
Dave LeGrys is confirmed for June 21 Sprint SQT with the next day Sunday 22 as a raincheck day in case of bad weather.

Session will be 11-2 Sign on and bike hire @10.30 sharp

Cost is €10 for session (€5 for u/age) plus Bike hire and 1 day licence fees if needed.

Numbers may have to be limited as this is a sprint specific SQT.

The session will cover:- warm up, gearing, sprint drills and will finish with a Q&A session

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ride of Silence

I'm a bit pissed at myself for this. I only heard about it late last year and I swore to myself I would try and organise one here this year. Looks like I've left it too late again.
Ride of Silence
Basically a critical mass without the assholes. A global ride to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists on city centre streets. The ride goes at 12mph or less and rides in complete silence, kinda like a funeral procession. Everyone wears helmets. All riders wear black armbands in mourning for those cyclists killed by motorists, and any rider who has been injured by a motorist wears a red armband as well.

This ride was started in Texas after the deat of a local cyclist in 2003. They got 1000 cyclists to take part in just 10 days. The ride takes place all over the world now.

I really like the concept of this ride. No shouting or agressive behaviour. I think with a lot of riders the whole silence aspect is quite powerful.

Anyhoo, does anyone know if anybody has taken up this idea in Ireland? Anyone think we can do it in 4 days?

It's Summer, fuck blogging :)

Yes indeed, the sun has been blazing, work has been shit, but what the hell. We've all got our tan lines back and smiles on our faces. People want our jobs and hate their own lives every time they see us sweating into their offices... great!
So I've been lazy about the blog, there's not much to write about anyway. It's hot, nothing's really happening... and I'm going through one of those periods where I'm jaded with computers.

We had an alleycat last week, i wasn't there (shame), Darragh won. If someone wants to give me details I'll gladly post them. I know there were a lot of riders, some plastic handcuffs, and a large black dildo got thrown around the place towards the end of the night... you know, the usual.

Upcoming... well some of us are off to Toronto soon to compete in the World Messenger Drinking Olympics, Dublin always has a good showing in these events and I hope to do my city proud this year.

In preparation for said event I want to do the Wicklow 200. i know there are others thinking of it so we should form a messenger posse and intimidate the roadies with our bags and shorts, mountain bike spd's and scratched bikes. There is also the option of just doing the 100k loop, if you are weak that is. I may be weak on the day, but for now i'm posturing and talking a good race.
More details and registration can be found here. I note that they've nearly reached their cut off point of 1500 riders!!! So register asap.

As soon as the sun goes away I'll post more, but for now i'm going back, as you should.