Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ECMC Berlin Dublin Qualifier... results after race 3

ECMC Berlin Dublin Qualifier Series.
Results after Race 3

Race last week got a bit trickier, perhaps too much so. But the numbers were good. Niamh was filming on the night for her soon-to-come 2 minute short, looking forward to it. Kropa took first, great result for Josh in second and 33 Steve takes third two weeks in a row.. All this meant that the table looks like this:

1. Lukasz. 46

2. Kropa. 45

3. Lally. 44

4. 27 Aidan. 43

5. Vinny. 34

6. 33Steve. 32

7. Lizard. 27

8. Josh. 27

9. Delo. 21

10. Cliffy. 14

11. Jonny. 14

12. Colin. 13

13. Doricea. 12

14. John W. 12

15. Geri. 10

16. 23 Cormac. 10

17. Big Al. 9

18. Eoin. 8

19. Pádraig. 5

20. Rob. 4

21. Seán. 4

22. Dennis. 3

23. Caríosa. 2

24. Raj. 2

25. Aly. 2

26. Lorcan. 2

27. Brian. 2

A Polish double bill for first and second, Lukasz and Kropa, with our man Lally trailing just behind in third. The points could not be closer with Aidan on 43 in fourth. This series is very much open. It's all to win for, flights and registration that is for ECMC Berlin 09 in six weeks time.

Race number 4 is this Friday 24th, 7pm at Grand Canal Square. Come one, come all!

Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death. ~Hunter Thompson


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CMWC Guatemala...

It's getting exciting...

ECMC series race 3 details, race 2 results and current standings

Results here from friday night and ECMC Berlin Dublin Qualifier Series:

1. Lukasz.25 points
2. Lally. 20 points
3. 33Steve. 16 points
4. Lizard. 12 points
4. 27Aidan. 12 points
6. John W. 10 points
7. Kropa. 9 points
8. Eoin. 8 points
9. Jonny. 7 points
10. Delo. 6 points
11. Cliffy. 5 points
12. Josh. 4 points
13. Dennis. 3 points
14. Lorcan. 2 points
15. Seán. 2 points
16. Doricea. 2 points(DFL)

So with all that things are indeed shaping up the table looks like this:

1. Lally. 36 points
2. 27Aidan. 32 points
3. Lukasz. 31 points
4. Vinny. 25 points
5. Kropa. 20 points
6. Delo. 19 points
7. Lizard. 17 points
8. 33Steve. 16 points
9. Cliffy. 14 points
10. 23Cormac. 10 points
10. John W. 10 points
11. Big Al. 9 points
12. Geri. 8 points
12. Eoin. 8 points
13. Josh. 7 points
13. Jonny. 7 points
14. Doricea. 6 points
15. Dennis. 3 points
16. Rob. 2 points
16. Lorcan. 2 points
16. Seán. 2 points

With the fairer weather, more turned out. Pre-race refreshments were idyllic under the walls of the old city. The race itself had a few more checkpoints than the week before and this week's looks to be a bit trickier as well. Friday 17th, 7pm(2 pm for anonymous) at the Green. Race starts 730 sharp as craic to follow is in Anseo of Camden St. with 25Seán puttin down an electro seton the turntables. As always, results, prizes and refreshments to follow.

"It's still very early to make any calls on this race, nobody is talking just yet. But a few hungry faces can be seen in the pack..."

25 Sean

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ECMC series race 2 details and race 1 results

ola.. Race 2:

Thursday April 9th. Cook St. By the old walls of Dublin.
Drinks in Dice bar to follow.
Remember all accumulated points from this series go towards a grand prize of return flights and registration for the ECMC in Berlin.

Race 1 results:


Stolen Bike!

Another bike gone... this one belonged to Oisin from Knog who was very good to us during CMWC. He didn't have it long and it should stand out quite a bit. Please keep the eyes peeled. Here's the description:
The bike was stolen outside of Twisted Pepper on Abbey Street at 11PM last Saturday 4th April.

Basic Description:

Custom built at brick lane bikes so the frame, crank etc are all BLB parts,

Frame: colour black

Rims: Velocity Electric Blue deep V with black tires

Riser Bars - Electric Blue with black grips

Two finger front break

Electric Blue pedals with silver cages and blue strap

Good Hunting!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ECMC Berlin, Dublin Qualifier Series

ECMC Berlin Dublin Qualifier is ready to go. First race, this Friday (3rd) April, 7pm at Portobello. Five alleycats over the month with the final on May 1st. Winner gets flights with his/her bike and registration for ECMC Berlin over our June bank holiday weekend, 28th May-1st June 2009.

There are five races with points awarded for placing as well as participation:

1st: 10 points, maximum
2nd: 7 points, maximum
3rd: 5 points, maximum
Participation: 2 points

Races are on the Friday of every week except Friday 10th, Good Friday, with the race on the day before, Thursday 9th. Qualifier final on May 1st with afterparty. €5 per race, craic to follow, always. Keep your eyes on for race results, points table and upcoming race details.

Friday at Portobello, we see you there.

Also! will be supplying some sweet t-shirts as prizes. Check them out.