Friday, September 28, 2007

24 Hours

From Andy Duncan;

"Anybody looking for something adventurous to do this weekend, should come to the head office of Infinity Express in Amsterdam on Saturday morning at about ten o'clock.

The Dutch Messengers 24 hours race starts there at midday.

This year the route goes through Zwolle, Arnhem, Utrecht, Den Haag before finishing south of Rotterdam at a little place called Westmaas where there are camping facilities, showers and an enthusiastic welcome. About 400 km or 250 miles.

This is the fourth version of this wonderful insanity. The first was organised by Arthur Wagenaar and Willem Dabekhausen in April 2004 because Jur74 suggested once in a moment of mirth that somebody should organise a 24 hours race.

Those of us who experienced this first race were so overwhelmed and inspired by the experience that we just had to do it again. And we managed to spread our enthusiasm to others - even to one or two of the sceptics who said we were very sick people indeed for wanting even to attempt such a thing. Last year there were contingents of very sick people from London Dublin and several German cities.

It is not for everybody though. And there are still those who say we are mad.

But there is something very special about that moment just before dawn, when you know the light will be rising, when you have been cycling together all night long, looking out for each other, stopping when necessary to piss, check the map or just rest quietly, that moment when you begin to realise that you are alive and breathing in a way you never thought possible."

A crazy race which had great support from Dublin last year and has a god few entries as well this year; Goofy, Kropa, Tony, Colin and Sean.

Wish them luck!

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