Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ghost Bike

2nd ghost bike of the year will be unveiled this Saturday coming at 11am.

Karl McGee died on the 15th September when he was involved in a collision with an articulated truck on Wellington Quay.

Here are the details:

On the 15th of September Karl McGee, a cyclist of 51 was killed on Aston Quays(sic). To remember him, a ghostbike will be unveiled at the location of the accident on Saturday November 14th at 11AM. The ceremony will take place on the south quays, at Ha'penny Bridge in presence of Karl's family and friends. After that, a group will cycle to Harolds Cross bridge and place flowers at the first ghostbike of Dublin, in memory of Paul who died there in January.

Thomas Pedoussaut
thomas (at)
086 156 1787

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