Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goldsprints results

Results in no particular order:

Lorcan: 28.22
Flickerx: 32.48
Delo: 28.55
Aly: 29.98
Raj: 32.70
Johnny: 32.50
Barry: 31.50
Natalie: 34.63
Chris: 36.16... I think this is incorrect (I know you're not that slow Chris :))
Kerr: 32.41
Matt: 29.31
Kropa: 29.66
Ben: 31.62
Adam: 29.77
Tom: 27.47
Al: 30.66
Alec: 31.86
Andrea: 33.28
Mark: 26.48
Bernard: 27.91
Perrin: 32.83
John Walsh: 26.95
Caroline: 36.22 (not helped by the fact her feet couldn't reach the pedals!!!, Sorry!)
Eoghan: 29.11
Diarmuid: 26.16
25Sean: 27.78
Sean: 26.47

Ray: 30.81
25Sean: 30.92

Sean 27.28
Mark: 26.52

Tom: 27.89
Bernard: 28.44

John Walsh: 26.30
Diarmuid: 25.75

Ray: 27.27
Tom: 27.81

Diarmuid: 25.70
Mark: 25.92

Fixie Fanatics Goldsprints. Semifinals from Lorcan O Mahony on Vimeo.

Womens's Final:
Andrea: 31.33
Perrine: 32.42

Men's Final:
Diarmuid: 25.64
Ray: 25.92

Fixie Fanatics Goldsprints. Finals from Lorcan O Mahony on Vimeo.

Loads more videos from Flickerx here.
Thanks to all at Dublin Fixed Gear Agus Singlespeed for the support and photos/videos

A great night by all accounts. Diarmuid consistently posted the fastest times all night, and really wanted to break 25 seconds... next time. We'll keep working on the system and things will get smoother as we progress. Next time we'll have a dj outside with us so we can properly announce it and make a better show for everyone.
If anyone has any (constructive) comments to make about how we can improve please make them below, we really want to make this as big and inclusive as possible.

The Shaw have been on to us to host it again, so we're looking at the first week of December for the next event.
There will be a chance to race again this Friday come in any time after 6pm (in Bernard Shaw again) and post a time and give it a go.


crazydingo said...

Oi! You mixed up my time with Ben's time!

crazydingo said...

As for improvements, it was quite cramped, any chance that the space out the back could be utilized like the first time? Was there any particular reason everyone was in the one place?

messedup said...

Fixed the times, sorry about that.
There is no chance of using outside as there are issues with the residents meaning that space cannot be used at night, we've never used it before so I'm not sure where you're thinking of, the only other goldsprint event we've had was in 2007 in Eamon dorans as part of CMWC?

And I don't exactly know what you mean by everyone being in the one place? Any goldsprint event I've been to has been heaving, personally I think it adds to the atmosphere. I thought the Shaw was a great spot for it. We're totally open to suggestions for venues, but the Shaw are great for allowing everyone to be as messy as they want, not many places like that in Dublin these days.

crazydingo said...

Bummer about the residents. I meant at the last fixie fanatics thing in the shaw, not the last goldsprints.
For the "in the one place" thing I meant about how everyone was in the smoking area and it was jam-packed, a space issue as opposed to a venue issue. I actually really like the Shaw, it's a cool place and I love my buckfast! I suppose the only potential for more room is moving the pool table out (if that's even possible?).
Anyway, well done on a great night!

messedup said...

Yeah I hate that fucking pool table... it would be great if we could get rid of it... I'll have a word with john, although the plan for next time is to have a dj outside so we can co-ordinate the music a bit better, which is also going to take up some space...

Anonymous said...

More entertaining bits of going nowhere.....


John W said...

Hipster facilitator?

flickerx said...

I guess if everyone locked their bike outside, it might give a bit more space. I didnt mind it being cramped though, as messedup says it adds to the atmosphere. Nothing worse than a half-empty pub to kill any buzz. Pool table could work as a setup spot for decks/PA next time

DubMess said...


jonfen said...

The system you guys are currently using is really inaccurate, if you want something reliable try OpenSprints (www.opensprints.com)

messedup said...

Hey jonfen... can you be a bit more specific about why our system is so inaccurate? You can email me if you'd like.

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