Monday, May 11, 2009

Global Gutz reminder and plea for content

Hi all,

you may have noticed there has been a paucity of content over the last while. Some of you may know that myself and Chris are hard at work trying to get our new company off the ground, which has left me little time for filling this blog. It's a shame as I love it, but it deserves more attention than I can give it right now. If there is any messenger out there in Dublin who would like to contribute to the blog PLEASE get in touch, as I'd hate to see her wither away and die. I'll add when I can, but who knows when that may be.

On another topic, Global Gutz is just around the corner, I've officially registered us as of this evening. I'm stepping down as course creator and we'll have a fresh design this year, hopefully giving us a better chance of competing with those Europeans who can apparently maintain an average of 42kp/h in city streets over a 21km course while negotiating 5 checkpoints... lets see if we have found their secret...

Details of start/finish will come some time after we return from Berlin. Stay tuned... and get the legs spinning.


Helen & Blane said...

compete will the europeans... mmm i thinkin john m in 2003? that time still stands. hope all is well there all the best to you all. blane

25sean said...

gyere gyááááááááááasz!!!!!!!!!!!
szomjás ír vagyok.. hól a verseny??!!