Friday, May 8, 2009

ECMC Berlin, Dublin qualifier, final results

There are two places you can drink alcohol in this country; one is in your private home and the other is in a public house. This place is neither. You have to leave this place... NOW!!

Those were the immortal words of the Garda who moved us along from Grand Canal to marc the start of the last race in the ECMC Berlin Dublin Qualifier Series. So we started and ended at Portobello. Evening was very pleasant and they all turned out, Lizard with freshly shaved legs for the occasion.
About 15 riders raced the final race; two manifests, both with four checkpoints, two pick-ups and drop-offs at each one. It took 27Aidan just under an hour to come in first with Kropa in second and Lukasz in third on the night. All got t-shirts from another Lukasz from dotties as did Doricea as first girl.
Then came the prize-giving ceremony with a cacophony of prizes for the top ten. Results are below. 27Aidan had a great race on the night which left him that one point ahead of Lukasz to put the quiet Pole in third and to take second for himself. And Kropa took first, got a fancy shirt so as not to go away empty-handed on the night. He wins the flights and registration for ECMCBerlin which is not so far away at all.
There was a closing ceremony in the Portobello Pub where we all shouted, shoved and downed pints in one, as is our want. I am happy that people took part and made the series a good one and I am thankful. Thanks to the marshalls, to those who gave prizes over the weeks and thanks to the racers of course.

Can somebody put on an alleycat now please so I can have a go...

See you in Berlin

1. Kropa. 90

2. 27Aidan. 79

3. Lukasz. 78

4. 33Steve. 63

5. Lizard. 46

6. Lally. 46

7. Josh. 42

8. Vinny. 34

9. Geri. 28

10. Doricea. 27

11. Delo. 21

12. Cliffy. 14

13. Jonny. 14

14. Colin. 13

15. Ricsi. 13

16. John W. 12

17. Pádraig. 11

18. Lorcan. 11

19. 23Cormac. 10

20. Jack. 10

21. Caríosa. 9

22. Big Al. 9

23. Eoin. 8

24. Rob. 4

25. Seán. 4

26. Dennis. 3

27. Aly. 2

28. Brian. 2

29. JT. 2

30. Raj. 2


john clifford said...

cheers for organising sean, fair play. congrats to kropa, well deserving. what the fuck happened in the portobello? i can't remember a thing. and i ended up in hospital the next morning...

25sean said...

jesus big boss.. i dont remember leaving.. woke up on the couch with my cothes on and spoke cards all over the place... ouch

john clifford said...

haha... yeah hit the deck at some point on the way home, when i woke up i couldn't use my left arm, thought the collarbone was gone. just ligament damage though.

25sean said...

i blame 23mac for everything

52Paddy said...

Likewise, cheers Sean for the effort you put in. I enjoyed the 2 races I did. I still prize that Securispeed shirt! Well done Kropa.

25sean said...

fáilte romhat a phádraig.. ag súil leis an gcéad ceann eile mé féin!!

John W. said...

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat a Sheán!