Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mother nature rails against bike lane incursion by errant bus

A double decker bus had it's roof ripped off this morning on Amiens's St. Thankfully there was nobody sitting upstairs... and nobody behind the bus when this occurred.

I should also say... thankfully there was nobody in the bike lane while the bus was driving in it which is what caused the collision.

A team of accident investigators are being sent to figure out the cause of the incident, and a spokeswoman for Dublin Bus said there had been no complaints or safety concerns regarding that tree in the past.

Can I save the accident investigators some time and money? Look at the tree, look at where the bus hit it. Now look down. Bike lane. There are no safety concerns, as long as large vehicles don't enter the bike lane.

I know it's a dual-use lane, the bus can drive there... but look how far in he must have been! How does this city function at all when some of it's main arteries are clogged up like an 80 year old smokers'...


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