Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Irish Times

Today's edition of the Irish Times contained 2 articles of interest to cyclists in Dublin.

One detailing the government's uprecedented plans to ban cars from the College Green area by this autumn:

The other finally bringing to light the untold statistics of cyclist deaths in Dublin. Hopefully this can prompt some debate like in London and get all HGV's installed with 'blind-spot' mirrors.

One interesting statistic that comes to light is:

"Crashes where the fault is more likely to be attributable to the cyclist accounted for a much smaller proportion of incidents. In just over 4 per cent a cyclist hit a pedestrian, while in fewer than 3 per cent of collisions a cyclist turned right into on-coming traffic."

My, my... maybe we're not such a reckless bunch of suicidal maniacs after all! Who'd a thunk it...


john clifford said...

did you see the article in thursdays times about the inquest into a cyclist's death from 2007?

"The driver, Ricordas Valaitis, an employee of DMC Trans, who was in possession of a fake driver’s licence, did not see Ms Gill."

"The jury returned a unanimous verdict of death by misadventure under the direction of coroner Dr Brian Farrell."

disgraceful - 'death by misadventure'? he had a fake drivers licence. murder.

Anonymous said...

wonder how many collisions involved taxis? buses? The government can talk about changes that should be made,but i doubt whether much will change..Cynical? Realistic methinks.