Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Polo Tourney

The guys in the Phoenix Park are having a tourney this Sunday and we have been asked to supply a few teams.

We'll be using their bikes and mallets.

For more info contact Cliffy or myself.

The day should look a little bit like this:
Check out rules etc. here


Anonymous said...

sounds like craic... going to be in Belfast at weekend though... balls ... speaking of which im a little concerned about the demeanor intoned in the rules of permissible acts being "Riding of an opponent who is in possession of the ball" errrm... and also "charging or leaning on an opponent when both are riding for the ball"... all done up in the Sunday tweeds of course... it just ain't cricket... Good luck Anyhow...

Anonymous said...

You should try get as many as you can to go, I know im going anyway its great fun even if you havent played before. Plus we will be playing the Scottish(as far as I know)

Anonymous said...

great day - thanks for coming down y'all... more bruises and scrapes than i've had in a year or so.. j

messedup said...

Was a great laugh, my team won!!! Ha! All you haters can suck my balls! Seriously though... good craic.

When they start again in April they want us to get a regular team together, we'll even be ale to play later than the others to facilitate Sunday morning blues... and they're trying to get some other messenger teams over to play us.

Apparently Eurosport are going to be filming the 1st round of the European league here as well!