Monday, December 10, 2007

It's art, get it?

Remember my post about A Toronto-based Irish designer who'd out together a sick Colnago pursuit bike? Of course not... well look at it here. Turns out that the bike received a certain amount of ridicule in certain sections of the cycling community.

The snobbishness knows no bounds, sometimes I don't know what's worse, the hipster 'thing' (which I'm so over anyway) or the bike riders who are oh-so-precious about their private little world of cycling.

Anyhoo... check out BikeSnobNYC's little piece about it here, and in particular the comments afterwards, it makes for some humourous reading.

Here are some of Eoin's comments on it all:

Good to see he has a sense of houmour about it as well.

Anyway, this is all a preamble... so Eoin got in touch. He's coming back to Dublin next week for a month and is thinking about doing a show with some messenger bikes. Would be nice methinks. Anyone with any interest feel free to slip a note into my back pocket as you're passing me on the street. Alternatively you could mail us at the above address, ya know?

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