Monday, June 22, 2009

Global Gutz results

A slow and windy course set our times behind those of previous years, but the main thing is everyone had fun and finished the race safely. Well done to Lizard for organising this years race.

1st: 25Sean: 45.02
2nd: Kropa: 45.10
3rd: Steve: 45.16
4th: Laurence: 45:23
5th: Noel: 46.03
6th: Noels roadie mate: 46.03
7th. Deano. 47.14
8th. Johnny. 49.58
9th. Josh. 52.45
10th. Carrisa. 53.30
11th. Perrine. 54.15
DNF. Brian

Full results will be up on soon.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha The most important thing is everyone had fun and finished safely.

DNF. Brian


messedup said...

Well... I'm trying to be magnanimous...

Unknown said...

Obviously it is fair to consider the race as a failure, and the responsibility for this is solely mine. I was acting partly on impulse when I changed the course at the last minute. However, given the circumstances the originally planned course wouldn't have been much faster either, since we had a really strong western wind on the day and the original route was outbound on the N3.

On the other hand, I would like to point out that without doubt the crew was not up for the task on the day. It is true that it was windy but actually they got the headwind going downhill in every lap. The pace was too steady, too low and not "eccentric" enough - by this I mean that they didn't open up the throttle even when going on the flat with a strong tailwind.

However, in the end of the day, the course was totally unsuitable for any kind of world-class performance, and I should have recognized that. I sincerely apologize for everyone I disappointed.

I would like to thank everyone who took part and also those who came along and showed support. The fact that the overwhelming majority of the racers had a huge grin on their faces saved the day from turning into a real disaster. Thanks very much guys!

brian said...

hah. DnF!!
i took a wrong turn off one of the roundabouts.