Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Results

Thanks to everyone who showed up to race, hang out, do a checkpoint, whatever. It was a cold evening and standing around was not particularly fun.
Halloween 2008 by you.
28 raced on Friday. Results as follows:

1st: Gyula
2nd: Steve
3rd: Kropa
4th: John Wharfield
5th: Brian
6th: Kerr
7th: Chris + Eoghan McNulty
8th: Cisto
9th: Geri
10th: Dennis
11th: Frank
12th: Squeak
13th: Aidan
14th: Michelle and Dave
DNF: Lorcan, Doricea, Barry, Ali, Daz, Cariosa, Renee, Fabian, Tim, Johnny, Lucas,
DFL: Josh

I think I made a boo-boo with 1st girl, so Squeak shall be receiving a prize next time I see her.
Apologies also to Daz who got a misprinted 1st manifest with only 2 pick-ups and drops on it, but had the good grace to lose his 2nd manifest and save me a headache...
Halloween 2008 by you.

Savage party afterwards in Perrines, thanks for the hospitality.

Saturday night was Courier Carnage, but, due to the carnage from the night before, only 7 brave souls turned up to race. We just did a 7-up sprint and Daz came out on top to take the cash prize, which he nicely spent on getting us a round afterwards. Everyone seemed to enjoy the course, so there's talk of making it a more regular, winner takes all event.
Halloween 2008 by you.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out, I'm looking forward to the next race.
Rest of my photos can be found here.


Unknown said...

dedly alleycat,had a buzz ..


Anonymous said...

thanks for organisin... deadly altogether

Anonymous said...

1st alleycat - DNF but FN FUN! Ta muchly Captain America (next time maybe i will finish ;] Doricea sorry i lost you in the buzz hun, I got one manifesto done and when I realised we had to do a 2nd I thought I'd wait for you so we could ride together but when I heard about your 4 punctures (ouch) I gave up in favour of beer and chat ... will bring you some cider and patches next time hope you ended up ok as I had no number for you

Unknown said...

Hah my bag is the first picture:D

Anonymous said...