Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I guess work must be slow in London too...

Fear not! It's obviously not just Dublin that's going through slack times... although this seems to have been the longest Summer slump(without even having the sun) in many's a year, our friends across the sea seem to be suffering from a similar sort of madness brought about by hours on end sitting around doing nothing.

While peeping at the Moving Target forum I came across this peach...

Also, in news, our favourite new Scottish imports Kerr and Dave, will be throwing their 'Tartancat' this Friday. Expect funny accents, unidentifiable meats, crazy vimto and a whole host of other stereotypes...
Grand Canal, 7/8ish as is the Irish way...


Anonymous said...

the lads are still in the pub from last night,graham send them home!

i cant fucking move - and all i won was a wash and blow dry..... bastards!

Anonymous said...

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