Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cycling raingear...

...doesn't work when you're a messenger.

The rain in Dublin has been fucking atrocious this year (and last come to think of it), and without fail my supposedly waterproof gear has given up the ghost pretty early on in the day.

I just bought a new Endura jacket (to replace my Cyclone issue 'rain-sieve') and it got its first real test today. The thing looks beautiful, really comfortable... but waterproof??? Not a fucking chance. Check that link out and look at the reviews from the leading cycling magazines. High praise indeed. What kind of testing do these muppets do? What exactly do they call rain??? It rained solidly for about two and a half hours this afternoon and the arms had begun to soak through after one. By the time I got home I was sopping.

Are manufacturers ever going to make products that can withstand a courier? They use claims like 'durable' and 'waterproof' when in fact this is only apparently the case if you commute for 20 minutes a day, or go out riding at the weekends. How long has your last pair of gloves lasted? Fuck me, I've spent more money on gloves than I dare think about... always the same, the top of them fine, but that shitty synthetic crap they use on the palms lasts about 3 months if you're lucky. If you use long-fingered gloves and have brakes the sides of the fingers wear through in a matter of weeks. Pants.

I'm so sick of throwing good money after bad. Instead of making yet another messenger bag, can one of these talented individuals invest some of their creative energies into designing jackets and gloves that can withstand 9 hours a day, 5 days a week of working on a bike.



Anonymous said...

I used to wear overtrousers and overshoes in addition to jacket, but overshoes get ripped up quickly and overtrousers don't last long. Too much bulk as well - carrying that lot around after it stops raining wastes energy.

Now I don't really care if I get wet as long as my feet are warm and dry, so I just wear sealskinz socks. If the rain is super heavy I'll wear a jacket just to keep my body warm.

Gloves... the only good gloves I ever had were from decathlon. £16, they were slim as a summer glove, but incredibly good in cold weather - fairly water resistant, and much warmer than Altura waterproof thinsulate-lined gloves (which are thick as fuck, and rubbish in cold weather). I lost them gloves though... fuck knows where.

messedup said...

Yeah you're right MOD. As long as I stay warm I don't care.

I wear knee length sealskinz nowadays, save my life. I remember the days whenI couldn't feel my toes or my fingers. Now I ride through puddles with gay abandon! (although I forgot them today which could explain my grumpiness).

Anonymous said...

that rain today permenated my soul. I had a drop to apartment block tonight, so i stood in the foyer staring through the glass at the freezing summer rain. I stayed 30 minutes while the residence returned home to find a damp smell of grossness. I was so cold and wet i spent 45 minutes in a hot shower tonight to heal.

forget the rain gear lads, its more rain for the next week. Im just trying to find ways to stay happy.

fixyfiend said...

i've noticed the skin growing between my digits and slits on my neck appearing this week.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine yourself as Sean Kelly. He wouldn't whine about the rain!

messedup said...

Sean Kelly got paid a lot more than me for cycling in the rain! And I'm old now, I'm allowed to whine... anyway I'm not really complaining about the rain, moreso about what constitute rain'gear' and cycling gear in general.

It's not really made for anything other than casual use, which is quite frustrating when the majority of your wardrobe is cycling gear.

joaquin said...

it's rained the whole fucking day long today... crap french summer.
too hot for the sealskinz today (but they do work in the winter) i was wearing a gore bike wear jacket and it kept me dry for about 4 hours... not bad.

Anonymous said...

you guys watching the tour of ireland on tv?

Anonymous said...

"rainy days fly away" jimi

Anonymous said...

Any glove recommendations? Leather bar tape is eating through them quick! dead gloves

messedup said...

The most recent gloves I've been using that last any length of time are Gore retro gloves.
Leather uppers and pretty heavy duty padding. Doesn't seem to wear as quickly as those with fully synthetic palms:

Anonymous said...

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