Sunday, April 6, 2008

Belated Paddy's Day Massacre results

Better late than never...

Fri. Night/Rubber Side Down alleycat:
1st: Rocco
2nd: Ed
3rd: Oisin



Backward Circles:
Daz (30 circles, probably an Irish record)



Sunday alleycat:
1st: Ed and Eoin
3rd: Kropa

1st female: Lola... the only female entrant in any event over the weekend, what's up with that???

Overall Massacre winner: Aaron. He competed in every event, and was technically our only out-of-towner, chapeau!

Big thanks go out to everyone that organised a race, or a party, or helped put in any way, you know who you are. Thanks to all the racers, it would be nothing without you after all. Thanks to Cuan for bringing us loads of schwag from Toronto to give away, Kate for making those awesome caps, Aaron for the leftie Timbuk we still have to find a home for, CCB for the stunning bag that Aaron won, and last but by no means least Xander from House of Pistard who made the cross design for the shirts and gave the limited edition hoodie that Rocco won for the Friday night race.

See you next year.

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