Sunday, January 6, 2008

Belated Merry New Year

Apologies for the lack of posting, what can I say, i'm lazy...

So, the New Year is here, and a few updates to boot.

First off, some bad news. Goofy's girlfriend Aga had her bike stolen from the house the other day. Red Veloce track bike, drop bars with no tape, front brake(I think), keep your eyes open and smash some heads.

Next on the agenda is St. Patricks Day Massacre, March 14th to 17th? Paddy's Day lands on a Monday this year so we have a good long weekend to get messy. Anyone wants to help with race design, parties, logo design etc. etc. please get in touch, many hands make light work and all that jazz.

Soon after that we will have Global Gutz; April 19-20th. You know the score, 21k's, 5 checkpoints, top male and female times in the world receive return tickets to CMWCXVI in Toronto this summer.
Anyone fancies redesigning the race course, feel free, let me know. There may be a rule change that forces each city to have one checkpoint at City Hall, I'll keep you updated on that, I think it sucks, but there you go. More info here.

Speaking of Toronto, if you're definitely going, it would be worthwhile registering soon. Prices right now are $75can(€51), but will be rising to $100can(€68) after March 15th. If you want to register, send a message to: for details. And of course check out for all the details. Flights are going for about €500 roght now, which is probably as good as their going to get so book early!

Finally for now, a message from Cliffy re: bike polo:
it's been a while since polo's happened in dublin... for me, since i
built new wheels after the worlds i ain't risking them playing. having
said that i'd love to go watch some other folks playing and probably
get dragged into it again... i've got what remains of our mallet
stock- about 6, with another two or three needing work. a whole new
set is needed but there's enough there to get a game going. if anyone
wants to take them off my hands, get in touch. i'm living on church
avenue off church st- central to anyone who wants to swing by.

So that's it for now,
go n'eiri an bothar libh go leir.

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