Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Dublin: Results

Hot of the presses come the results of Dublin's Halloween alleycat.
About 30 riders set off from Tonehenge on a long course that suited the geared among the riders.

A couple of crashes and Ed and Kropa getting pulled by the cops were the only negatives to the race, but everyone seems ok and hopefully the lads won't end up with summonses.

So, results:
1st: Steve
2nd: Gyula (last years winner)
3rd: Tomas (Cyclone)
4th: Darragh
5th: Al (1st Fixie)
6th: Cliffy

And I believe that Doricea won a prize for most blood spilled, ambulance was called for her but she refused to get in, that's the spirit!

Well done to the organisers.

After this race, I do feel that questions need to be asked for future races, the main one being: why the hell do organisers continue to have race starts/finishes on the Green? It makes no sense. 30-50 messengers drinking and smoking and then barreling off to do a race, it's no wonder people are getting pulled by the cops, and it's a miracle that none of the races have been shut down, it's only a matter of time.

What's wrong with Wilton Place, Barrow Street, Grand Canal? All places out of the public eye where we can drink and hang out to our hearts content. Just a thought, but it has to be said that no matter how 'cool' it is to hang around the green like 'we don't give a fuck what you think'... the reality is that what we do is illegal and if we shove it in peoples faces for long enough there will surely be a reaction.


09dotC said...

i agree that he green is such a bad spot to meet/start or finish. the other places have served us well. will be in the the seorma sprai crowd this weeek and see what we can do there(for a venue as well as other things)

Billy Fehr said...

If I came over to dublin would you all bring me to Slane?

messedup said...

probably not Bill, unless there was a really good show on in the castle, but we would certainly point you in the direction of the nearest bus...:)

Anonymous said...

the green is a fine place to start/finish/drink. the city is already aware and has accepted tone henge as an acceptable place to hang, seeing as the opw has watched us drink, smoke whatever from across the road for the last few years. the cops only got involved when they intercepted two racers on the north quays (which is on the other side of the city) for traffic violations and had nothing to do with the organisation of the race. shut up talkin shite!!!

Anonymous said...

Fair enough I'd agree that smoking and drinking on the green isn't the smartest but the green currently is a meet up spot for couriers and whoever does what is their own business and their own resposibility and has no relation to there being a race on at the time.
Anyways during the race there was about 8 or 10 people hanging around the green, not particularly outrageous and afters were planned for Voodoo which was booked in advance.
Despite plenty of Garda involvement during the race no one was asked to move on for drinking etc.
Blah de blah

Dublin Messengers said...

Wow! A bit of debate! Who'd of thunk it? nice to see. My point was not in relation to this particular race, it just happened to be the first race I've put results up for here. I wasn't even at it!

I'm just expressing a personal opnion that I'm not a fan of Tone Henge as a start/finish. I'm not really sure if 'the city' has accepted it as a place to drink/smoke. That sounds a bit self-aggrandising. Did 'the city' tell you it was cool? I'm sure if you asked john q civvy what their opinion of stoned, drunk couriers sprinting through multiple lanes of traffic before careening around their city on bikes was, they'd be far from accepting.

The way I see it we've been lucky so far. Why push it? And would it not be nice to start from somewhere new every once in a while? Doesn't always have to be Wilton or Grand Canal or Barrow either, all of which have served us well in the past.

Sure we'll see what the next few races throw our way. 25 Sean to host Monopoly alleycat in December. Promises to be savage.