Saturday, October 27, 2007

ELVS/Velocity prototype rims

Laek House have been on the periphery of the messenger scene for a while now designing interesting t-shirts, and more recently cycling caps, using their ELVS(Enhanced Light Visibility System), which is basically a retro-reflective ink see wiki for more info. Kinda like those relflective strips on your bag or jacket, when used with t-shirt designs the result can be quite spectacular.

Taking the idea a step further Laek House have teamed up with Velocity Rims and have produced a prototype set of Deep V's using the ELVS idea. These aren't in production yet, but as you can see from the pictures these wheels will look amazing while cruising at night-time.

Check out the Laek House website here, and Velocity's here.

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phayack said...

critical mass will be seen from space