Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Apologies for the lack of posts... been away at CMWC Toronto and then ridiculously jet-lagged getting home. I'm only getting over it now. A full report on CMWC will follow, but first some breaking news on the Cyclone front...

It appears that the call has gone out from Cyclone (Dublin's best loved and most hated courier company) for a new design for the jerseys they are forced to wear. Before the mangement have a chance to pass the buck and simply rehash the old design with added yellow, as has been their policy for the last few years, I thought it would be only right and proper to put the call out for some real, talented people, to come up with a design that a human being would actually like to wear day in and day out.

It appears Cyclone are offering a 'cash' prize to the winning design. Now whether this involves €5 and a pat on the head, or something substantial is beyond me, but I think the honour of making 40+ couriers look less like a swarm of angry bees with eyes in their chests should be incentive enough.
. (apologies to Fergus)

If anyone feels like having a go, feel free to mail me your ideas and I will pass them on with full credit for the design. If anyone just feels like taking the piss, also get in touch and I will post your scorn on this very page.

So, the criteria are: " any colour, format, design, style or medium which is printable can be used. The use of the word cyclone is not necessary" ... these are Cyclone's words, not mine, so take from it what you will.

Please, unleash your talent on this worthy project.

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