Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Summer, fuck blogging :)

Yes indeed, the sun has been blazing, work has been shit, but what the hell. We've all got our tan lines back and smiles on our faces. People want our jobs and hate their own lives every time they see us sweating into their offices... great!
So I've been lazy about the blog, there's not much to write about anyway. It's hot, nothing's really happening... and I'm going through one of those periods where I'm jaded with computers.

We had an alleycat last week, i wasn't there (shame), Darragh won. If someone wants to give me details I'll gladly post them. I know there were a lot of riders, some plastic handcuffs, and a large black dildo got thrown around the place towards the end of the night... you know, the usual.

Upcoming... well some of us are off to Toronto soon to compete in the World Messenger Drinking Olympics, Dublin always has a good showing in these events and I hope to do my city proud this year.

In preparation for said event I want to do the Wicklow 200. i know there are others thinking of it so we should form a messenger posse and intimidate the roadies with our bags and shorts, mountain bike spd's and scratched bikes. There is also the option of just doing the 100k loop, if you are weak that is. I may be weak on the day, but for now i'm posturing and talking a good race.
More details and registration can be found here. I note that they've nearly reached their cut off point of 1500 riders!!! So register asap.

As soon as the sun goes away I'll post more, but for now i'm going back, as you should.


Anonymous said...

its held on public roads, so if you do miss the cut off or sign on, don't worry. there's nothing to stop you riding it anyway

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.