Wednesday, March 26, 2008

World Track Championships...

...start today in Manchester.
I'm very excited. If you've never watched track cycling before do your best to try and catch some of the action, it's ridiculously exciting.
Eurosport are showing most of it live in the evenings so rush home from work to watch it and get the beers in for the weekend.

Ireland have one rider representing, David O'Loughlin, so cheer him on when yuo see him. Considering the Irish only have the crumbling mossy wreck that is Sundrive Park to train on, and have to travel to Manchester to get some real time on the boards, this is an achievement, and however he does kudos to him for getting on the world stage. He currently holds the Irish record for the 4k pusuit at 4min 29sec, so keep an eye out for him in that category.

Great Britain, of course, have the squad to beat them all. The superhuman Chris Hoy, an awesome beast of a rider, watch him in the Keirin, and of course Bradley Wiggins and Rob Hayles. In the womens they have the indomitable Vicky Pendleton and the young BMX star Shanaze Reade competing.

UK track riding has gone to the top of the world in the last 10 years due to massive investment in great facilities and coaching staff, here's hoping we can some day see soemthing like that in Ireland, it disgusts me that, even as a small country, with our proud cycling heritage more money isn't channeled into this noble pursuit.

Anyhoo, try and find a tv with Eurosport and enjoy 5 days of the most exciting bike racing you can find.
Check here for timetables and a full list of competing riders.


Anonymous said...

BBC 2 have coverage every evening too for those without eurosport.

messedup said...

Nice one Natalie!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that doesn't apply to BBC NI! Just highlights.

messedup said...

Ok, I've checked the listings and BBC2 NI are showing it today and Friday at 7pm and 12.00am(ish). BBC1 are showing it on Saturday from 1pm to 4.30 pm, and I think BBC2 NI are showing Sundays, but the listing don't go that far.
for complete listings