Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Stolen Bike

Massacre results will follow... as soon as my noggin gets back in order. If anyone has any snaps they want to send me that'd be nice, I left the camera at home all weekend.

Anyway, for now just a little news. 12 Tony(delaroni) had his bike nicked today from the Church Street area I believe. Blue and silver Trek 1000, all stock except for the wheels which were blue Mavic somethings, quite recognisable.

Hopefully we'll find it as it's especially painful for a working messenger to have his bike half-inched.


Anonymous said...

Hey man I saw that bike with the very distinctive blue mavic wheels last week along dorset street coming off Belvedere Road. The owner was wearing an An Post uniform so the guy who now has it must work for An Post.... it must have been sold off...

also if you have seen this bike around the city centre there is a €100 reward if found or located successfully for the owner


Frank said...

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