Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rain rain go away...

Last night was a great success, about 35 racers and a lot of new faces. Everyone got back safe and had a good time.

Unfortunately, Dublin being Dublin, it has decided to piss down on us all day. No point in trying to skid etc in this crap so we're postponing all todays events.

As we have the bank holiday this year we have another day to play with so we're going to push all the events back one day.

So tomorrow 2pm Wilton place for all the side events, and 5pm for the Mel Gibson Logistical Challenge alleycat. And if people are up for it we can go to the track on Monday and have a few races there too. The weather looks good for the next 2 days, fingers crossed.

We still have the Bernard Shaw tonight, so try get in by 8.30 for the reserved seats, I'll be there anyway. It promises to be a fun night, hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

im so fucking wrecked already massacred out of it....last thing i saw last night in your gaff was some bird vomiting on someones bag
ha ha glad it was not mine...!

i have the polo sticks if yisers are playin.

hope your liver os ok graham said...

no skidding?! why not? so much more fun in the rain. ride safe kids...peace.

Anonymous said...

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