Saturday, December 20, 2008

Xmas Alleycat results

This is an insight into the shocking world of courier charity fundraising...

Thanks to everyone who came out to race last night, I know it had been a tough day in work and the weather was awful.

1st: 25 Sean
2nd(after arm-wrestle play-off): Daz
3rd: Kropa
4th: Aidan
5th: Dennis
6th: Jack
7th: Lucasz
8th: Lally
9th: Eoin
10th: Lorcan
11th: Donal
12th: Gary
13th: Fabian
DFL: Rob/Andrea

We had a nice night in Feile afterwards and the raffle was a great success.
We managed to raise €570 for Aware, thanks to everyone for digging deep.

Thanks again to all the sponsors: ThinkBike, Swrve, Cyclelogical, South Ink, V Piercing and RSD.

Have a great Christmas everyone, and remember to ride safe and watch out for taxis :) (I've had too many close calls with the fuckers in the last couple of weeks).