Thursday, December 4, 2008


Bit of an update.

Race will start at 8pm sharp at Wilton Plc. So be there by 7.30.

Race entry €10. This includes a raffle ticket.
Raffle tickets are €5, or 3 for €10.
Remember all proceeds are going to Aware.
Entry to After Party free with race entry, or €5, which includes a raffle ticket.

We have some savage prizes so far:
€300 voucher for Think Bike, thanks to John.
Honey Leather Brooks B17 saddle, dvd's, thanks to Cliff in Cyclelogical (don't tell Dave...)
Merino base layer, T-shirts, Cycling Hoodies, cycling caps from Swrve. Big thanks to Chris.
There will also be some more prizes from the endless Dublin Messengers schwag bag.
If anyone else would like to sponsor this worthwhile event please get in touch.

After Party tbc. but probably, upstairs in Anseo. Also, Kerr is playing a set in the Blue Note on Capel St. the same night.

Please come out and support this event. A fun night for a good cause.


Anonymous said...

can we get reservation in blue note?

messedup said...

I don't know what the story is with blue note... if we could get everyone in, and have room for everyone I'd go there, but I don't reckon we will...

john clifford said...

up to the organisers to have a big stack of golden pages there on the night i think...

else you'll get loads of people using that as an excuse not to race.

if you want we can do a run at lunch time today - go round offices and grab loads, dump them in cyclone short term?

john clifford said...

fantastic prizes..
anyone know the story with tax deductable contributions to charities? think the donation has to be at least 250 euro to be deductable...?
so we can hit the companies for donations...