Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stolen Bike!

Another bike gone... this one belonged to Oisin from Knog who was very good to us during CMWC. He didn't have it long and it should stand out quite a bit. Please keep the eyes peeled. Here's the description:
The bike was stolen outside of Twisted Pepper on Abbey Street at 11PM last Saturday 4th April.

Basic Description:

Custom built at brick lane bikes so the frame, crank etc are all BLB parts,

Frame: colour black

Rims: Velocity Electric Blue deep V with black tires

Riser Bars - Electric Blue with black grips

Two finger front break

Electric Blue pedals with silver cages and blue strap

Good Hunting!


Unknown said...

hey, just wondering if you know what kind of lock he was using? cause the twisted pepper is a busy spot, so who ever stole it must have been pretty quick. and i doubt a custom build from BLB would have a real shit cable lock.
definitely keep the eyes open though.


brian said...

yo....i have info on this.
i text oisin but it could be an old number that i have for him.